Medical Education

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

A government-commissioned project, funded by National Health Commission, to analyze the status quo and problems (identified via the questionnaire design) in the programme.


  • Led a team to designing questionnaire for medical students and general practitioners. Medical students on this programme will undertake a 5-year undergraduate study, then participate in a 3-year standardized residency training, and finally commit a 3-year of service as general practitioners to their rural hometowns. Corresponding to each of stages (5/3/3), three questionnaires were designed, including sections on undergraduate study, training, mental health, work attitudes, career development, health services, and entrustable professional activities.
Yanhua Chen
Yanhua Chen
Postdoc Fellow in Health Policy

My research interests include health policy, population health, mental health, human resource for health and machine learning.