Pandemic Response

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

A government-commissioned project, funded by National Health Commission, to evaluate performance and achievements of World Bank loans in promoting health reform in China, through a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Role :main contributor

Contributions: worked on the first progress summary report, which reviewed Chinese government’s actions on Covid-19 and identified six key behaviours as a basis for subsequent simulation design and training.

  • (1) reliable information and public awareness.
  • (2) movement restrictions and ‘social vaccines’ (e.g., lockdown, quarantine, school closing, and social distancing).
  • (3) testing, contact tracing and surveillance.
  • (4) diagnosis and treatment (including health workforce).
  • (5) vaccine and medicine (e.g., preparation, development, production, access, and allocation).
  • (6) resource mobilization and security (e.g., logistics, personal protective equipment, and financial risk protection).
Yanhua Chen
Yanhua Chen
Postdoc Fellow in Health Policy

My research interests include health policy, population health, mental health, human resource for health and machine learning.